Saturday, September 5, 2009

Creole Women

Cece Redmond

Celebrating the roots of our Creole heritage. It is rich, tasty and still connecting threads to modern generations.

I often try to imagine the difficulty people had when they first arrived in the Mobile Bay area. It is hot full of mosquitoes and the foliage can be dense with sticker vines of all kinds.

In the past two years I have been doing a tremendous amount of research about my family and the women who made their lives through difficult times. As the research has taken me back through the very earliest days of this great country (USA) I am most proud of the Creole women that I grew up with.

Creole has a modern definition and it is usually associated with Louisiana and New Orleans. Yes there were many who settled there but the whole Gulf Coast was at one time considered part of French Louisiana, then Mississippi Territory then it was British then it was USA in 1813.

To be an honest real Creole means that your ancestors were the first people here from a foreign land. It is a French and a Spanish word: from says the origin is French and Spanish Criollo associated with the verb create. When you look up the word in an older French or Spanish dictionary the definition states that it is the first off springs born in a new land.

The Mobile Creole history dates back to the French and Spanish Colonists that settled the Gulf Coast region. Many of the original families mixed together making most of us related in some way. The families still live on in the region and have spread out across the world.

Several members of the Mobile, Alabama Creole families created a Yahoo group and started making plans for a reunion of the various families.

We are spreading the word that the Mobile Creole Reunion is set for June 5, 2010. You can learn more by clicking on the purple link in the side bar here that says Yahoo groups.

The group is just getting the event organized. The date is set but if you are interested in joining the group we are listening to suggestions.

We have also decided that the food will be definitely Creole and regional food. Such delicious foods like homemade gumbo, jambalaya, shrimp creole, silver queen corn, fried chicken, red beans and rice, pralines, divinity and of course iced tea.

Join us for the fun of discovering our roots and sharing in a reunion of history and traditions.
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